Committees and Publications Opportunities

For more information about any of our committees or publication opportunities,
contact the Associate Director - Member and Scholar Development, Jaleen Edwards.




Committee Opportunities 

Annual Institute Program Committee

Determines subjects, authors, and speakers for the Annual Institute to ensure a high quality, engaging, and smoothly presented program. 

Audit & Risk Management Committee

Investigates and monitors the Foundation’s audit results, accounting practices, internal controls, insurance, cyber-security, and other risk management systems.

Budget Review Committee

Reviews and suggests changes to the Foundation’s proposed annual budget.

Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award Committee

Selects deserving teachers of natural resources law in accordance with the award selection criteria for the distinguished Clyde O. Martz Teaching Award.

Corporate Counsel Outreach Committee

Facilitates corporate counsel participation in the Foundation's governance, projects, and programs, and advises the Board, trustees, and staff on ways to meet the unique educational and other needs of corporate counsel.

Credentials Committee

Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding new petitions for constituent organization status in the Foundation and periodically reviews the compliance of existing constituent organizations.

Financial Advisory Committee

Assists the Board of Directors of the Foundation in fulfilling its responsibilities for the prudent management and investment of funds entrusted to the Foundation by recommending investment policies, monitoring investment performance, providing investment recommendations, and overseeing compliance with the Foundation’s investment policy. 

Grants Committee

Supports the Foundation in fulfilling its mission by reviewing and approving applications by professors for grants to support their scholarship, research, writing, teaching, and innovation with respect to the study of natural resources and energy law and related fields.

International Committee

This committee is focused on the Foundation’s strategic plan objective to increase the participation and membership in the Foundation of natural resources and energy legal and related professionals in countries other than the United States, with a particular emphasis on Latin America and Canada.

Law Student Programs Committee

Supports the Foundation in fulfilling its mission by reviewing and approving applications by students for travel funding to attend the Foundation's programs and providing guidance on ways to encourage student participation.   

Natural Resources Law Education Committee

Monitors the natural resources and energy law courses offered at constituent law schools, and gathers information, identifies options, and makes suggestions for the Foundation to facilitate, improve, and enhance course offerings and other opportunities for students.

Natural Resources Law Teachers Committee

This committee of law professors works together to plan, create, and facilitate programming for natural resources and energy law teachers, encourage academic scholarship in natural resources and energy law, and create a collegial community of natural resources and energy law professors.

Programs Committee (Formerly Special Institutes Committee)

Initiates, evaluates, and recommends to the Board of Directors new programs for the Foundation's special institutes and other in-person programs. This committee also provides advice and recommendations to program chairs who are developing programs.

Renewable Energy Task Force

Leads the Foundation's efforts under its Strategic Plan to increase programming in renewable energy, develop renewable energy forms, and engage renewable energy organizations for potential collaboration. Members of this task force should have an active renewable energy practice or work for a renewal energy company. 

Retirement Plan Committee

Monitors the performance of the Foundation's Defined Contribution Plan to ensure investment-related decisions follow a prudent process, including evaluating investment performance, making appropriate recommendations, and reporting periodically to the Board of Directors.

The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law Journal Editorial Board

Reads, evaluates, and selects articles and papers for publication in the Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law Journal.

Scholarships Committee

Evaluates applications and selects recipients of scholarships for law students interested in the study of natural resources and energy law, primarily at the Foundation’s constituent law schools. The scholarship program aims to award mission-fulfilling academic scholarships to well-qualified students who have the potential to make a significant contribution to scholarship in natural resources and energy law.

Site Selection Committee

Identifies, evaluates, and makes recommendations to the Trustees Council on potential sites and facilities for future Annual Institutes.   

Strategic Planning Committees

These ad hoc committees and task forces are engaged in implementing certain goals under the Foundation’s strategic plan, increasing the diversity and inclusion of our members, speakers, and constituents, proposing and developing new webinars and virtual programming, and developing new programs, and opportunities in renewable energy.

Virtual Education Committee 

Identifies topics of interest and potential speakers for webinars and other virtual education programs and works with the Executive Director to develop such programs for presentation by the Foundation.

Young Professionals Committee

Promotes the development and involvement of the Foundation’s young professional members (ten or less years of practice), preparing them for future leadership roles in the Foundation and in natural resources and energy law fields.

Publication Opportunities

Each of the publications below is regularly looking for reporters (in the case of the newsletters) or update authors (in the case of the treatises). For more information about any of these publications, contact the Director of Publications, Ryan Minton.

American Law of Mining

The American Law of Mining 2d, published by Matthew Bender, edited by the Foundation, and containing over 200 chapters, is the preeminent treatise on mining and related law in the United States and Canada.  

Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases

The Law of Federal Oil and Gas Leases, published by Mathew Bender and edited by the Foundation, is the definitive treatise on law and regulations related to U.S. federal oil and gas leasing and oil and gas development on federal lands.

Mineral and Energy Law Newsletter

The best source for comprehensive updates on current developments in case law, statutes, regulations, and administrative decisions in oil and gas, renewable energy, mining. and public land law, and related federal and environmental issues.

Water Law Newsletter

The preeminent source for comprehensive updates on federal and state water law developments.