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Foundation Staff

The Foundation office is located in Broomfield, Colorado, about equidistant from Denver and Boulder. Reach us at 303-321-8100 at the individual extensions listed below or by email at [email protected].


Jaleen Edwards

Associate Director – Member and Scholar Development

(303) 321-8100 x104

Melissa Magee

Associate Director – Programs

(303) 321-8100 x107

Ryan Minton

Director of Publications

(303) 321-8100 x120

Surbhi Chavda


(303) 321-8100 x119

Beth Kuzera

Program and Member Service Specialist

303-321-8100 X103

Gregoria Frangas

Publications Associate

(303) 321-8100 x115

Deanna Crowe

Office Manager and Programs Assistant

(303) 321-8100 x113

Tanner Terhune

Media Services and Graphic Design Specialist

(303) 321-8100 x117

Lindsey O'Brien

Administrative Assistant

(303) 321-8100 x125