Natural Resources Law Teachers Newsletter


To submit information for the Newsletter, please submit a single paragraph no longer than 200 words beginning with your name, followed by your school name in parentheses, followed by information about your publications, speeches, specialized courses, and other activities or relevant information. For example:
“Taylor Sandia (Alaska) published an article on the law of naming geological features, in 30 Journal of Law and Geography 121 (2014)….” 
As for formatting: (a) article names, book chapter names, and titles of oral presentations should be in quotes, but not in italics; (b) journal names should be in small caps, either spelled out or in Bluebook abbreviated form; (c) book names should be in upper case with no quotes and no italics; and (d) wherever possible, hyperlinks to articles or oral presentations should be included. Please follow these guidelines, as they greatly simplify the job of editing the Newsletter. (Sorry to cap your entries at 200 words; we are trying to keep the newsletter to a manageable length. We reserve the right to exclude entries exceeding that limit.)
As with previous editions, all submissions for the fall Newsletter must be in the name of a faculty member, rather than an organization such as a center or clinic. A faculty member who wishes to describe such an organization’s activities should list his/her affiliation with it, then report on the activities. For example, “Jamie Wheeler (Alaska, Director of the Public Lands Law Center): The Public Lands Law Center hosted a symposium on the Administration’s plans for drilling on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ….”
We also invite you to submit a photo from a recent event. Please include a one sentence description of the photo. We will select one or more of the photo submissions to highlight in the Newsletter.