When you work for an organization in the natural resources and energy law field, you don’t just make a living. You have an impact on your clients, your colleagues, and your community. The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law brings together lawyers, professionals, academics, and students to learn and network in a supportive environment where all participants are valued. 

The Foundation is known for fostering collegial professional relationships and we want to help you find the right employees or interns to join your organization. If you are looking for a career opportunity, this is your gateway to resources that will help you win your next job opportunity and thrive in your natural resources and energy law career. 


  • PLACE your job or internship in front of highly qualified members and students
  • SEARCH our resume database of qualified candidates
  • MANAGE jobs and applicant activity right on our site
  • LIMIT applicants only to those who are qualified
  • FILL your open positions more quickly with outstanding talent



  • POST multiple resumes and cover letters, or chose an anonymous career profile that leads employers to you
  • SEARCH hundreds of jobs throughout the legal arena with robust filters so that you can instantly apply
  • SET UP efficient job alerts to deliver the latest jobs right to your inbox
  • ASK  the experts advice on resume writing, career assessment, and more