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Bankruptcy and Financial Distress in the Oil & Gas Industry Legal Problems and Solutions

  • a Live Webinar
  • October 21-23, 2020

The prolonged demand shock caused by the COVID-19 shutdown and excess supply, especially from Russia and Saudi Arabia, has had a substantial adverse impact on oil and gas companies, driving crude oil prices to record lows. A number of companies in the oil and gas industry have already been pushed into bankruptcy or are on the brink of bankruptcy, with many more bankruptcies expected over the next year. This may be your company or client, or it may be your company’s or your client’s lessees, operators, non-operators, gathering companies, processors, product purchasers, drilling contractors, or other service providers. 

This Virtual Special Institute will comprehensively review the legal, practical, and economic aspects of bankruptcy and financial distress as applied to the oil and gas industry, and is designed for a variety of professionals at all experience levels. The focus of the Special Institute is to provide oil and gas lawyers and companies an in-depth look at bankruptcy concepts and other issues related to financial distress to assist them in advising their clients and managing their companies through this difficult time for the industry. For those who practice in the areas of bankruptcy, workouts, or distress, the Special Institute will provide an understanding of unique business and financial issues applicable to the oil and gas industry, and an overview of applicable changes of law that have developed in recent years.