Advanced Public Land Law – The Continuing Challenge of Managing for Multiple Use

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • Jan. 26-27, 2017

As Professor Patty Limerick observed in 2006, “So we take our ever-expanding list of what we want from the public lands—natural resources and national security, economic prosperity, recreation, nature and spiritual well-being—and we then instruct the Secretary of Interior to manage those lands to satisfy all these desires. This qualifies, strictly speaking, as a set-up...”

The Institute will review the complex legal framework for management of federal lands, focusing on how it has changed and where it is headed. Current perspectives from agencies and the Hill, analysis of the new BLM planning rules and mitigation policies, and practical tips for project permitting will be presented. The Institute will consider issues of federal preemption from the perspectives of a former Governor and Solicitor and the nature of property rights granted by federal permits, and will explore ways to work collaboratively and ethically with different stakeholders on public land issues.

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