International Mining Law Short Course

  • 2020
  • Canceled

Other things to do in and around Santiago*


Visit Cerro San Crisóbal, Santiago’s largest green space. This park provides the best views of Santiago and includes the Jardín Botánico Mapulemu, a botanical garden, the Zoológico Nacional, and Jardín Japonés, a Japanese Garden.

Enjoy traditional music in Santiago at El Huaso Enrique, where artists perform their national dance, a handkerchief-wielding ritual that imitates the courtship of a rooster and hen.

Visit the Centro Gabriela Mistral, a cultural and performing-arts center that has concerts and performances most days and includes a rotating art exhibit.

Explore Municipal de Santiago, the most prestigious performing-arts venue in the city. This theatre houses the Ópera Nacional de Chile as well as ballet and classical music. Guided tours of the theatre are available.

Shop at La Vega Central, a local market in Santiago where you can find fresh fruits and foods that are grown locally in Chile.


*Participation in pre- or post-conference travels or other activities is at the sole risk of participants.