International Mining Law Short Course

  • 2020
  • Canceled
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Monday Morning



    Executive Director Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, Westminster, CO
  2. Stuart R. Butzier

    Shareholder Modrall Sperling, Santa Fe, NM
  3. Patricia Nunez

    Partner Nunez, Munoz & Cia Ltda., Abogados, Santiago, Chile

Introduction and Welcomes

  1. Ana Bastida

    University of Dundee CEPMLP, Dundee, Scotland

    Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogota

International Tenure Systems and State Involvement

  • Nature of the mining tenure system
  • Applying for and obtaining rights
  • Granting and administrative authority
  • State agreements and hybrid systems
  • Laws, regulations, and license conditions
  • Environmental evaluations
  • Financial assurance and reclamation

Hosted Refreshment Break

  1. Ignacio J. Randle

    Partner Estudio Randle, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Joel Benson

    Partner Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP, Denver, CO

Introduction to Cross-Border Transactions

  • Civil law versus common law jurisdictions
  • Developed and undeveloped resource-rich regions of the world
  • Foreign direct investment, bilateral and multilateral investment treaties
  • Tax issues and stabilization agreements
  • Importance of default, remedies and dispute resolution clauses
  • Repatriation of investment and profits, foreign exchange regulations
  • Expropriation, nationalization and political risks

Lunch – On Your Own

Monday Afternoon

  1. France Tenaille

    Partner Gowling WLG, Toronto, ON
  2. Rafael Vergara

    Partner Carey y Cia Ltda., Santiago, Chile

Preliminary Negotiations and Agreements

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Term sheets, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding
  • Due diligence exchanges and file access
  • Disclosure obligations

Hosted Refreshment Break

Preliminary Negotiations and Agreements (cont'd)

Hosted Reception for Registrants, Speakers & Guests

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Tuesday Morning

  1. Darrell Podowski

    Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, Vancouver, BC
  2. Carlos Vilhena

    Partner Pinheiro Neto Advogados, Brasilia, Brazil

Venture Agreements

  • Exploration arrangements
  • Selecting the venture entity
  • Structuring management and responsibilities
  • Decision making and voting
  • Ownership interests and contributions

Hosted Refreshment Break


    Legal Manager Antofagasta Minerals, Santiago

Common Ground for Contractual Features in the Mining Operation

• Building up a contractual legal structure for a mining operation
• Contractual strategy and business case
• Contractual efficiency vs legal risks
• Cross section of key provisions in operation agreements

Lunch – On Your Own

Tuesday Afternoon


    Allen & Overy, Singagore (invited)
  2. Cynthia Urda Kassis

    Partner Shearman & Sterling LLP, New York

Financing Agreements and Documentation

  • Identifying and evaluating financing sources
  • Loan agreements
  • Agreements facilitating non-passive involvement
  • Security documentations
  • Hedging and related tools

Hosted Refreshment Break

  1. Randy Shefman

    Associate General Counsel Royal Gold, Inc., Denver, CO
  2. Jan Steiert

    Eurasian Minerals Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Royalty Agreements and Streaming Agreements

  • History and current uses
  • Royalty and stream concepts and types
  • Economic effects of royalties and streams
  • Royalties and streams as financing vehicles
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Wednesday Morning


    Carey Abogados, Santiago

Procurement and Construction Agreements

  • RFPs, evaluation of bids
  • EPC and EPCM agreements
  • Other construction agreements


    Minsur S.A., Lima

Permitting for Operations and Closure

  • Up-front operational, reclamation, and closure planning
  • Permitting and compliance with permit conditions
  • Assurance of financial resources for closure activity

Hosted Refreshment Break

  1. Jan Steiert

    Eurasian Minerals Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Offtake and Smelting Agreements


    Antofagasta Minerals S.A., Las Condes Santiago

Product Marketing and Sales Agreements

Lunch – On Your Own

Wednesday Afternoon

  1. Florencia Heredia

    Senior Partner Allende & Brea, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  2. Patricio Leyton

    Partner, Ferrada Nehme Ltda., Santiago, Chile

Linkages to Development and Sustainable Development

  • Sustainable development contributions
  • Impacted communities
  • Local goods and services

Hosted Refreshment Break


    Rubio Leguia Normand, Lima

    On Common Ground Inc., Vancouver, BC

Indigenous Populations and Rights

  • Free, prior and informed consent/UNDRIP
  • Other key international instruments
  • Cultural resources sensitivity and protections
  • Human rights implications of mining activities
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Thursday Morning

  1. Oscar Benavides

    Partner Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano Abogados, Lima, Peru
  2. Maria Paz Pulgar

    Philippi Prietocarrizosa Ferrero DU & Uria, Santiago

Community Agreements and Social License

  • Sustainable development concepts
  • Community notice and public involvement
  • Infrastructure considerations
  • Long-term energy opportunities
  • Revenue sharing

Hosted Refreshment Break

  1. Fernando Aguirre B.

    Senior Partner Bufete Aguirre, La Paz, Bolivia
  2. Cesar Zumarraga

    Tobar ZVS Spingarn, Quito, Ecuador

Ethics, CSR, and Anti-Corruption

  • Ethical considerations and the role of lawyers
  • Corruption: challenges, transparency, and the global situation
  • Indigenous rights and prior consultation
  • Corporate social responsibility and the mining sector

  1. Stuart R. Butzier

    Shareholder Modrall Sperling, Santa Fe, NM
  2. Patricia Nunez

    Partner Nunez, Munoz & Cia Ltda., Abogados, Santiago, Chile

Course Adjournment and Thanks