Water Law Webinar Series: The Supreme Court’s Ruling in County of Maui: What Does It Mean for Water Practitioners?

  • a 1-hour Live Webinar
  • June 26, 2020

June 26,  Noon PDT, 1:00 pm MDT, 2:00 pm CDT, 3:00 pm EDT( 1 hour webinar)

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This past April, the Supreme Court resolved a significant legal issue that had split the lower courts: “Whether the Clean Water Act requires a permit when pollutants originate from a point source but are conveyed to navigable waters by a nonpoint source, such as groundwater.” Surprising many Court watchers who had anticipated that the environmental plaintiffs would lose big before the Justices, the Court ruled six to three that the conveyance of pollutants through groundwater did not automatically render the Clean Water Act’s permit requirement inapplicable. The Court’s ruling has the potential to expand significantly the scope of the Act to waters with a hydrologic connection to a surface navigable waters, but the precise extent of that expansion is far from clear. This presentation will discuss the Court’s opinion and seek to identify its implications for water practitioners. 

One Hour of CLE available!