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Hazardous Substances Law: A Video-Linked Workshop & Networking Event

  • Select Cities
  • Mar. 9, 2017

Whether you are a new lawyer, landman, or other professional working in oil and gas, mining, or public land law, a basic familiarity with hazardous substances law will benefit your practice. This one-hour video-linked CLE program will allow new professionals to learn the basics of the laws and regulations governing hazardous substances and wastes, and provide an opportunity to meet and network with your peers, without extensive time and travel.

The laws and regulations governing the use, generation, transportation, release, disposal, and cleanup of hazardous substances and wastes have special applicability in the oil, gas, and mining industries. Certain materials from these industries are excluded or exempted from regulation, regardless of their hazardousness, while others are specifically subject to regulation. A basic working knowledge of these laws and their applicability is advantageous to practitioners representing oil and gas and mining companies in any capacity, since compliance—and noncompliance—can have significant ramifications for transactions, litigation, and meeting other regulatory requirements. This program is designed to provide a primer for newer attorneys or attorneys new to the topic.

Continuing Education Credit

Approximately 1 hour of instruction. CLE and other credits are available.

Earlybird Discount

Cutoff date for discounted registration fees:  February 23, 2017