Honoring Contributors to the Field and Supporting Legal Scholars

The Legacy Scholarship Fund was established to recognize both living and deceased leaders, Foundation members, and other contributors to the natural resources, energy, and mineral law field and collegial community in perpetuity.  All funds that honor someone in the Legacy Scholarship Fund will be restricted for scholarships to law students who express an interest in natural resources or energy law. The Foundation has a diligent Scholarships Committee that evaluates every applicant for their interest in the field, their leadership ability, and their financial need.

Through generous contributions, the Foundation, its Trustees Council and Board of Directors honor the following contributors to the natural resources, energy, or mineral law field and community:

Founding Honoree

Joe Rudd – Joe was a prominent natural resources attorney who practiced in Anchorage, Alaska. He wanted to encourage the study of natural resources law by well-qualified law school students who have the potential to make a significant contribution to the field of natural resources law and who demonstrate a substantive connection to Alaska. Read more about Joe and his support of the Foundation.


Richard (Dick) H. Bate – Richard (Dick) was a long-time member of the Foundation and a distinguished figure in the field of natural resources law, serving as Executive Director of the Foundation, as a Foundation Trustee, and esteemed presenter and author. Read more about Dick’s history with the Foundation and his dedication to natural resources law.

Catherine (“Cassie”) J. Boggs – Catherine “Cassie” J. Boggs is more than just a name; she is a force in the world of mining, law, and international development. A trailblazer and a true leader, Cassie's legacy is one of remarkable achievements and lasting impact. Her remarkable career and involvement with the Foundation is characterized by her unwavering dedication to excellence in natural resources and international law. Read more about Cassie and her impact on the profession and the Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law.