Trailblazing the Path: Catherine "Cassie" J. Boggs

Catherine “Cassie” J. Boggs was more than just a name; she was a force in the world of mining, law, and international development. A trailblazer and a true leader, Cassie's legacy is one of remarkable achievements and lasting impact.

Cassie was a pioneer in every sense of the word. She broke down barriers, ascending to the position of Chair of the Hecla Board of Directors in 2022, marking her as the first woman to hold this prestigious title. Her appointment to Hecla’s Board in 2017 was a testament to her exceptional talents and unwavering commitment to the mining industry. Before her role as Chair of the Hecla Board, Cassie's distinguished career began in the legal world, where she spent 37 years honing her expertise in mining and natural resources law. Her experience was extensive, covering both domestic and international mining projects. Cassie's legal acumen was undeniable, and she shared her knowledge and insights through her work as an author and faculty member for various institutes and programs. Her contributions to topics such as mining agreements, liabilities arising from mining activities in Latin America, and project management have left an enduring mark on the field.

Cassie's profound influence was felt through her involvement in numerous committees that contributed significantly to the advancement of the mining and legal communities. Her leadership was evident in her roles as the Chair of the Annual Institute Regional Program Committees, overseeing events held in Indonesia, Illinois, and Toronto during various years. This demonstrated her unwavering commitment to the industry's growth and development.

Over the course of nearly two decades, she lent her expertise to the Site Selection Committee, further solidifying her role as a trusted and respected voice in the field. Cassie's commitment extended to program committees for prestigious events such as the Institute on Public Land Law, where she played a role in shaping the content and direction of the program. Her dedication culminated in her roles as the International Program Co-Chair and Program Chair for the 49th and 50th Annual Institutes, respectively.

Cassie Boggs's service extended to the Board of Trustees, where she held pivotal roles that underscored her commitment to the Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law (formerly the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation). She served as Trustee-at-Large, Executive Committee Member-at-Large, Secretary, Vice President, and ultimately as President, leading the organization with distinction.

Cassie's impact wasn't limited to committee work and leadership roles; she was a respected author and faculty member, sharing her wealth of knowledge through various papers, lectures, and moderating roles. Her work covered diverse topics, including mining agreements, project management, and the challenges and opportunities faced by junior mining companies.
Cassie's contributions to the fields of mining and law have left an enduring legacy. Her leadership, commitment, and passion continue to inspire those who follow in her footsteps. Her pioneering spirit and dedication have advanced The Foundation for Natural Resources and energy Law, the mining industry, and the legal profession.