Natural Resources Law Network

The Natural Resources Law Network is a periodic newsletter focused on our members and collegial network of natural resources lawyers, academics, landmen, managers, consultants, government personnel, law students, and others. It will provide our constituents short, timely pieces on legal issues of interest, shine a spotlight on members who are making contributions to the Foundation and the field of natural resources law, and highlight recent programs and other activities of the Foundation.

We’re looking for concise pieces on current legal developments that affect those practicing in the areas of oil and gas, mining, renewable energy, public lands, water, and environmental law. In contrast to our popular Mineral Law and Water Law Newsletters, which provide comprehensive quarterly summaries and analysis of new cases, laws, regulations, and agency decisions, extensive citations aren’t required. Law firm alerts and other recent pieces are acceptable. Three to five pieces will be selected for each issue of the Natural Resources Law Network.

Submissions should be sent to Jaleen Edwards.

Please refer to the submission guidelines and the publication agreement.