Law Student Programs

The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law’s Student Programs aim to generate interest among students from the Foundation’s Constituent Law Schools (CLS) in mineral law and related areas, increase their awareness about the Foundation’s specialized educational opportunities, and encourage their involvement in the Foundation’s educational programs.

Student Attendance Programs

These programs, coordinated with the active engagement of the Foundation’s CLS Trustees, support attendance by deserving students at the Foundation's programs. Subject to space and funding availability, the Foundation support can include waived registration fees, course materials, and reimbursement of pre-approved expenses for transportation and accommodations.

CLS Law Student Travel Reimbursement Program

The Foundation can make available up to $3,000 per calendar year to each CLS to support student attendance at the Foundation’s programs. This amount can be increased at the discretion of The Executive Director depending on budget availability. To apply:

  • You must join the Foundation as a Student Member. Student Membership is free to full-time law students. You must provide proof of full-time law school status, as well as your graduation date.
  • Read the guidelines, so you are aware of the program requirements. 
  • Complete the CLS Law Student Travel Reimbursement Application and provide an email endorsement of attendance support from the Trustee of your Constitute Law School (CLS). The application should provide an estimate of your travel arrangements including airfare, hotel, and shuttle service. 
  • Submit the application for approval prior to making any travel arrangements.
  • Once travel has been approved, register for the program that you wish to attend and make your travel arrangements.
  • After the program, provide the reimbursement form with actual expenses along with all of your receipts. Do not forget to include your mailing address for the reimbursement check. 
  • The Foundation covers travel, lodging, and any program registration fees. 

Discretionary Law Student Travel Reimbursement Program

The Foundation may provide support to deserving students from law schools other than CLS to attend the Foundation’s Institutes and other programs. For more information, read the guidelines and complete the Non-CLS Student Travel Reimbursement Application and contact the Foundation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Law Student Travel Reimbursement Program

The Foundation may provide support to deserving students from law schools other than CLS to attend the Foundation's Institutes and other programs. This program supports attendance by law students who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latino or Latina, Asian-American, Pacific Islander, or other person of color. For more information, read the guidelines and complete the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Student Travel Reimbursement Application and contact the Foundation.


This program enables the Foundation’s scholarship award recipients to attend the Annual Institute or a Special Institute in the year following their award. To apply:

Student Networking Program

This program supports collaborative events at the CLS among student organizations, trustees, law professors, local law firms, and other members of the Foundation. These events are intended to foster education, generate interest in natural resources and energy law and related areas, and increase awareness about, and involvement with, the Foundation’s educational programs and opportunities (up to $1,000 per CLS per calendar year).

Contact the Foundation at 303-321-8100

RECENT GRADUATES – Our New Professionals Membership is designed for recent graduates and others new to the natural resources profession.