2023-2024 Academic Year Scholarships

The 2023-2024 Scholarship Application Period Will Open in Fall 2022 

Application Deadlines

JD Candidates: February 28, 2023

LLM/SJD Candidates: March 15, 2023 

The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law has a number of scholarship programs that provide tuition support to law students who attend The Foundation’s Constituent Law Schools: The Foundation Scholarships, established in 1993 and funded by The Foundation’s unrestricted funds (including one scholarship in honor of former long-time Executive Director Dave Phillips); Joe Rudd Scholarships, an endowed restricted scholarship established in 1979 in honor of a prominent Alaskan natural resources attorney; recently established endowed restricted scholarships in memory of Mary Viviano and Chuck Moran; and other restricted scholarships in memory of Dick Bate, Jim King, and Cassie Boggs. 

The Foundation also offers Frances Hartogh Diversity Outreach Scholarships (FHDOS) that support living expenses for students at CLS, and Equity and Inclusion scholarships for Black and Indigenous JD students at any accredited law schools. For background on the establishment of the FHDOS awards, “Race, Ethnicity, and Natural Resources in the United States: A Review,” by John Schelhas, may be viewed here.) 

In 2021 alone, The Foundation awarded $276 thousand in scholarships, and since the inception of the scholarship programs, The Foundation has awarded more than $3.6 million in scholarships.

Students at CLS may complete one application that covers each of these programs, although students should pay special attention to the criteria for the named scholarships and address those criteria in the application, if applicable. General criteria apply to all of the scholarship programs, but certain scholarships, other than The Foundation Scholarships, may have additional criteria. Students should review the scholarship application for more information. 

Equity and Inclusion Scholarships

The Equity and Inclusion Scholarship was established in 2020. Scholarships are awarded to one or two JD applicants annually who meet certain general criteria and who identify as either Black or Indigenous (including Native American and First Nation). To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must be enrolled full time at an accredited law school but need not be attending a Constituent Law School. A student must demonstrate serious and diligent pursuit of academic achievement. Other criteria include leadership ability, year in law school, and financial need. 

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For most scholarships, a law student who is enrolled full-time at one of the Foundation’s Constituent Law Schools and who can demonstrate a commitment to the study of natural resources or energy law is eligible to apply. LLM students and incoming 1Ls who have applied to one of these schools but have not yet been accepted may also apply. Unlike our other scholarships, Equity and Inclusion Scholarships are available to full-time Black and Indigenous JD students at accredited law schools whether or not they are attending a Constituent Law School. 

Scholarship Amounts

Fall, spring, and full-year scholarships may cover partial or full tuition. Recent awards have ranged from $1,000 to $18,000. Tuition scholarships must be used at, and will be paid directly to, the student's law school.

Award Process

Applications are evaluated and awards are made by The Foundation’s Scholarships Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Potential to make a significant contribution to the field of natural resources law
  • Academic ability
  • Leadership ability
  • Year in law school
  • Financial need

Application Process

When the application form is available, students should complete the application in its entirety and submit the application and all applicable attachments to Students who submit an application should receive an email confirming receipt of their documents within two business days. If you do not, please call The Foundation at 303-321-8100 and ask for Jaleen Edwards or Deanna Crowe. If you are only applying for the Equity and Inclusion Scholarship, you may use a shorter form. 

Application Deadlines

The completed application form and supporting documents must be submitted by February 28, 2023, for JD Applicants and March 15, 2023, for LLM/SJD Applicants. Students enrolled in a combined JD/Masters programs must  observe the JD Application deadline. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS AND APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.


The Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of 2021-2022 scholarships awarded by The Foundation’s Scholarships Committee. 
Thirty-six scholars from 13 Constituent Law Schools were awarded scholarships this year:



Joe Rudd Scholarship Awards

Jayce Eadie, University of Calgary
Victoria LaFleur, Texas A&M University
Veronica Shaner, University of Denver

FHDO Scholarship Awards

Holly Hayes, University of Tulsa
Alexandra Rayment, University of Calgary 

Catherine J. Boggs Scholarship Award

Katia Montesinos, University of Colorado

Richard H. Bate Scholarship Award

Natalie Boldt, University of Denver

James M. King Scholarship Award

Kurt Shanahan, University of Montana

Mary A. Viviano Scholarship Award

Elizabeth Stephani, University of Wyoming

Equity & Inclusion Scholarship Awards

Trevion Freeman, University of Tulsa
Damian Padilla, University of New Mexico

The Foundation Scholarship Awards

Samantha Agnich, Southern Methodist University

Chinonso Anozie, Southern Methodist University

Molly Bannister, University of Calgary

Logan Bell, University of Houston

Natalie Boldt, University of Denver

Valkyrie Buffa, Louisiana State University

Jayce Eadie, University of Calgary

Nicholas Ettinger, University of Calgary

Trevion Freeman, University of Tulsa

Rachel Grabenstein, University of New Mexico

Pillip Hanna, University of Calgary

Amelia Harman, University of Calgary

Holly Hayes, University of Tulsa

Monsuratu Kadiri, University of Calgary

Kseniia Kolontai, University of Texas

Avinash Kowshik, University of Calgary

Victoria LaFleur, Texas A&M University

Erin McKlusky, University of Calgary

Hannah Mink, University of Wyoming

Lucas O’Brien, University of Colorado

Olaitan Oyekunle, University of Calgary

Alexandra Rayment, University of Calgary

Randy Rea, University of Wyoming

Andrew Revelle, University of Utah

Jon Rubottom, University of Tulsa

Oliver Salomon Sotomayor, University of Texas

*Neil Segel, University of Houston

Veronica Shaner, University of Denver

Elizabeth Stephani, University of Wyoming

Akindele Tawoju, University of Calgary

Li (Grace) Tian, University of Calgary

Erik Wallevand, University of North Dakota

Rebecca Wilton, University of Minnesota


*David P. Phillips Scholarship

The Foundation congratulates the awardees and thanks all of the applicants for their interest and efforts!  

If you would like to support and/or learn more about The Foundation and its programs, contact The Foundation at 303-321-8100 or