Ethics for Transactional Attorneys: Identifying the Client in Multi-Party Transactions

  • A Virtual Setting
  • December 4th , 2020

Allison Donovan

ALLISON DONOVAN represents both strategic and fund-based investors in complex mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. From the start, Allison had a unique insight into business concerns: She began her legal career in the in-house lawyers’ offices of two large corporations. Today, she leverages that experience on a daily basis to help her clients achieve business success. Her undergraduate degree in cellular neuroscience provides a framework for creative legal problem solving, as well as a distinctive understanding of the life sciences industry. Before she returned to Colorado to join Hogan Lovells, Allison worked in the New York office of a leading international law firm.


David G. Ebner

DAVID G. EBNER has been working on mineral exploration and upstream oil and gas matters for more than forty years, during which time he has lost most of his hair and his firm has lost all of its punctuation.  He has also followed professional responsibility issues throughout that period, writing Foundation papers and doing Bar Association presentations on many ethical issues arising in natural resources transactional practice.