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Acquiring Federal Rights-Of-Way From the Bureau of Land Management

Vern Rholl, Rights-of-Way: How Right is Your Right-of-Way?

Since the passage of the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) in 1976, and more particularly over the past fifteen years, the Federal government has adopted many changes in the way rights-of-way are processed. FLPMA consolidated over two dozen right-of-way authorities into one. Regulations were changed to eliminate unnecessary requirements, and to streamline the way rents are determined. Authority to issue rights-of way was redelegated to the field offices, and procedural policies were rewritten to speed up turn around times.

Today, the keys to acquiring a right-of-way across public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management include early planning, pre-application contacts as far in advance as possible, and ongoing, effective communication.