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Allocation of Resources to Communities From Mining and Oil and Gas Operations

Luke Danielson, International Mining and Oil & Gas Law, Development and Investment (2009)

The modern mining and oil and gas industries have overcome some tremendous challenges. For example, these industries once had very troubling safety records, and unacceptable numbers of employees killed or injured on the job. Dealing with this problem seemed an almost insurmountable challenge.

While there are still corners of the world where performance has improved little over the past, and while few of us regard any level of death or injury as “acceptable,” the progress has been truly impressive. In the leading companies, industry, government regulators, labor organizations, and independent watchdogs have together made a significant difference. A `safety culture' is embedded in organizations. People no longer look at safety as the job of specialists in safety departments, but accept that everyone in the organization has responsibility for improving safety performance. At its best, change is neither `top down' nor `bottom up,' but both; a shared consciousness of the importance of safety permeates organizations.

As this once seemingly impossible challenge was being confronted with increasing success, the extractive industries were hit with another extraordinarily difficult challenge: the awakening to the need for a much higher level of environmental performance. On this issue, the industry is somewhere in mid-stream. While in the places that have focused hardes