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An Overview of Gold Prospecting in Brazil--And--Ubi Lex Non Distinguit: Mining Companies and the Relations With Prospecting--The Case of Gold Mining in Brazil

Carlos Americo Castro F., Carlos Alberto Lacerda, Maria Laura Barreto, Mineral Development in Latin America (1997)

Competition among markets has become more significant since the end of the cold war. With the age of globalization, the world market for gold has sustained a systematic reduction in the price of the metal. It is unlikely that the price will reach the levels of the past. What is certain, though, is that the gold market more and more imposes its own rhythm; — and the countries which produce mineral wealth must adapt to global requirements.

Brazil could not remain outside this scenario. Today, mining directed to one sole market is practically unthinkable.

Let us take the case of prospecting activity in Brazil, which underwent dizzy growth in the seventies and eighties, mainly as a result of the price of gold, but which today faces an unprecedented retraction, in the face of current market conditions; — particularly the price of gold.

History has shown that mining activities require, and will require ever more, methods able to produce technically cheaper mineral goods. Unfortunately, prospecting activity is unable to keep its activities compatible with the current conditioning factors.

As a result, more and more mining companies which operate in Brazil are taking over this space, basically due to the excellent conditions of these geological ambients where the prospectors have been active.

This work will seek to demonstrate this opportuni