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State Conservation Regulation -- Single Well Spacing and Pooling -- Vis-À-Vis Federal and Indian Lands

Owen L. Anderson, Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Pooling and Unitization (2006)

This paper addresses, and is limited to, the interplay between state spacing and pooling laws and practices with the communitization of federal and Indian lands. In general, spacing, pooling, and communitization all relate to the acreage needed to drill or that is attributable to the drilling of single well, although infill drilling--that is the drilling of additional wells within a previously established spaced, pooled or communitized area--may occur as development of a particular field or reservoir matures.

Readers beware that other forms of cooperative oil and gas agreements relating to federal or Indian lands, including exploratory units and enhanced recovery units, are beyond the scope of this paper. Likewise, voluntary and state-ordered compulsory unitizations are also beyond the scope of this paper.